Testimony… Take Off!

“…the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” Revelation 19:10b

Have you ever heard how Jesus is working in someone else’s life and you’ve thought to yourself, “I want that to happen for me,” or “I want to see that happen at my school“? Revelation 19:10 reminds us that what Jesus has done for someone else can happen for us too!! Hearing what Jesus has done stirs our faith to expect God to move in our own lives and those we encounter.

What if we started sharing what God is doing in our classrooms to stir one another’s faith?

I’ve just launched a new podcast “unit” of interviews beginning with Episode #33 celebrating the works of Jesus in and through educators just like you and me! Get ready to be launched into a greater level of expectancy as you set your heart to teach in connection with friend Holy Spirit. As you listen to a new testimony each Monday you’re going to be encouraged in your day-to-day tuning into the voice of God for your students and co-workers. They are sure to stir you to ask God to “break out” in and through you because according to Revelation 19:10 what He’s done in one person’s life He can do in your life too!

To begin raising our faith and the expectancy that God wants to use us in powerful ways THIS WEEK in our classrooms, I’ve interviewed a young man who comes to us from Hutchinson, Kansas. Dylan Griffin grew up being required to take ADD meds just to attend school, and later ended up in an extra challenging foster home placement. In the middle of his story, though, one teacher chose to tune into God’s voice. He chose to take a leap of faith and share a vision with Dylan that changed everything for him. There were several other teachers who wrote him cards with the same scripture, too… a scripture he held tightly to during some pretty desperate years when sleeping was a luxury due to the unrest in his boys home. Listen to Simple, Yet Profound HERE.

Sometimes we really have no idea what kind of stress and trauma our students are enduring, but God does. And He wants to use us as conduits of His goodness. He wants to speak a word in due season that breathes life over bones. What may have simply weighed heavy on our hearts becomes an opportunity to tune into our God of the Impossible because His ways are higher than ours. And Dylan? He’s doing well. He’s a husband, and a father now who loves Jesus with his whole heart. 

Looking to catapult your faith a bit deeper by stepping into greater connection teaching with the TEACHER of ALL TEACHERS?

Be sure to take advantage of From Burnout to Burning Bright! This 5-week self-paced course is perfect for public and private school teachers, counselors, nurses, paras, coaches, substitutes, and administrators who’ve strategically launched into education to be a light for Christ, but have been facing some weariness. This course package will give you the upgrade to fully step into the impact you long to see in your students’ lives and your community. You’ll see a transformation in as little as 5 weeks… and it’s on sale until November 1, 2023!

Take time to ask God how He wants to partner with you this week because you are His embrace and His voice to your students everyday… and for some, you might be the only touch from God they have during these pivotal years.

What you do everyday is life-changing!

Never doubt it.

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