Kingdom Educators: Grab Your Hope Goggles

Heaven's Vision for your World-Changing Role

You are invited to embrace a new mindset as you listen to Father God’s thoughts for you and take every thought captive, making it obedient to Christ. This 5-week devotional will strategically help you, the Kingdom Educator, step into a Hope-filled mindset, offer vision for impact, and inspire you to teach with expectation and confidence.
Included are scriptures to meditate on, truths to declare, and activation steps that will help you make the transitions needed to see breakthroughs – not only in the way you view yourself, but the way you view your assignment in the world of education.

It’s time to engage with the truth about who you are as a Kingdom Educator – a journey of transformation that will benefit your family, your school community and your city. What are you waiting for?

Be prepared to be encouraged and inspired by the book you are holding in your hands. Jesica has created a powerful devotional arranged in daily bite-sized portions that will fit into any busy schedule. Covering a wide range of topics, it contains deep biblical truth, yet is written in an engaging, easy-to-read style. Although educators are the targeted audience, anyone can glean encouraging biblical truth from this book, no matter your vocation.

—Diane Fink, Founder and Director of Rev22.2 Ministries Int'l

This devotional helped me reshape my thinking about the ways God has gifted me to be uniquely prepared to work at the school I do. Everything is rooted in Scripture to convict and encourage. I appreciated the built-in space for reflections. I started the book near the end of the school year, which was perfect to keep me motivated and intentional in my classroom and in interactions with students and fellow staff members!

—Angela Cho, High School Teacher

Speaking Words of Life in Your Classroom

A practical guide for calling students up into their greatest potential

Speaking Words of Life in Your Classroom is a practical, user-friendly teacher curriculum for developing a purposeful classroom atmosphere that fosters students growing into their full potential. The provided lessons have been adapted over the years and proven effective to cultivate honor and respect through declarations about self worth, as well as small and whole group activities that challenge personal beliefs about potential and personal capacity. The easily adaptable lessons instill value into students of all ages and fit the public, private or homeschool setting. Printables and suggestions for modifications are provided.

In the rush to start the curriculum, many teachers succumb to the pressure and immediately dig into the academic tasks. Jesica has learned the secret of truly helping kids learn. She invests the beginning of the year using these activities to let students know she is investing her time, energy and love into them as people first. This is the only bridge that will help them see themselves as scholars.

— Char Seawell, Retired Teacher

Student apathy toward school work usually stems from a lack of self worth. In “Speaking Words of Life in Your Classroom,” Jesica brilliantly targets the issue of apathy by calling out the greatness within each student. They begin to believe in themselves and their accomplishments reflect this. We all have to know who we are, before we can achieve success and Jesica helps kids see who they are!

—Kelly Ferrante, Elementary ESOL Teacher

Kingdom Educator Prayer Journal

This intentionally designed devotional was created for Christian Educators to be strengthened and encouraged in a deeper understanding of their inheritance in Christ and the fullness of what Jesus purchased on our behalf as believers. Artfully designed reflection space is provided to record how these powerful truths speak directly into their workplace and classrooms.

A special note from the author: “As you walk out your mighty calling as a Kingdom Educator, we declare that God is with you, He is for you, and nothing can come against you (Romans 8:31). You are his representative of heaven on earth (2 Cor 5:20) and he is guiding you each step of the way (Ps. 32:8). Over the next 30 days, we invite you to open your heart and ask the Holy Spirit to breathe more of his life into your calling and your classroom.”
—Jesica Glover
This journal is such a helpful devotional tool to get you ready for the school day. I was inspired, encouraged, and empowered as a teacher to think from heaven’s perspective in my classroom. This journal reminds teachers of our authority, calling, and importance in the Kingdom classroom. I highly recommend this book- you will go to another level and see God transform students’ lives at your school!

— Claire Izaguirre, ESOL Teacher

Mindset is HUGE for teachers as they go into their classrooms to begin the day. Will this be a positive day or a negative day? Will I remain grounded as challenges get thrown my way? Teaching in public school is not easy, but it is rewarding. This short, but powerful tool will help you keep your focus above your circumstances so you can work with God and see what He sees. It will help you set the tone for your classroom and build you up. You are worth investing in!

—Darcie Hammer, Substitute Teacher

Get Your Own Daily Declarations

Kingdom Educator Daily Declarations is your daily dose of empowering truth that will remind you of your true identity as an ambassador of the King of kings, as well as who God is to you as you sit with Him in heavenly places– above the noisy demands!
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