From Burnout to Burning Bright

Course Bundle

Burnout to Burning Bright is the perfect course package for Kingdom Educators who’ve fizzled trying to maintain their own fire and are ready to exchange weariness for being empowered through partnership with God in education.

Perfect for public and private school teachers, counselors, nurses, paras, coaches, substitutes, and administrators who’ve strategically launched into education to be a light for Christ. This course package will give you the upgrade to fully step into the impact you long to see in your students’ lives and your community. 

You’ll see a transformation in as little as 5 weeks!

I learned how to ask God for help and pray for my kids and school even though it is a public school. I thought each of our special guests were great. It was nice to hear another perspective on being hopeful with teaching. The big takeaway for me is seeing a big difference in my students and staff within the 5 weeks. Love your enthusiasm!

— Tina Jordan

You are a true gem!!!! I’m so impressed and amazed by what you have put together. You should be so proud of what you and the Lord have done together and the impact that it will continue to have. Thank you for your big YES to Him and for giving Him an avenue to encounter countless people through you!

—Lindsay Hostetter

Your Kingdom Classroom

Course Bundle

Your Kingdom Classroom is the ultimate course package for Christian Educators seeking more than just survival in our challenging educational landscape.


Perfect for public and private school teachers on a mission with God, this course is designed to help you move from overwhelm and disappointment to empowering you to host God’s peace, joy, and miracle-working power in your classroom.


You will receive tools to clear the path for transformation, create a thriving vision, and design a classroom culture that hosts the presence of God and honors students’ true identities. Expect to upgrade your classroom atmosphere, enhance classroom management, and see motivation and learning outcomes soar.


Enjoy transformational impact in as little as a week!

This class gave me a spiritual start to my school year. It was just at the right time because it was before August and I felt well rested from the summer and ready to start again. I love the quick and easy lessons to do at the beginning of the year.

— Cindy Bishop, Elementary Teacher

I’m so glad I took this class & I look forward to taking more. Having a Christian influence and helpful guidance is such a blessing and now I see it as a necessary part of my life as I continue to teach. I loved the prayer guides and how to seek out what the Holy Spirit is doing and wanting.

—Crystal Coleman, Elementary PE Teacher

Get Your Own Daily Declarations

Kingdom Educator Daily Declarations is your daily dose of empowering truth that will remind you of your true identity as an ambassador of the King of kings, as well as who God is to you as you sit with Him in heavenly places– above the noisy demands!
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